How to Choose a Wearable Breast Pump

The wearable breast pump allows moms to continue their work while still providing the milk their babies need. Unlike plug-in pumps, wearables are portable and hands-free, which is great for new mothers who may be juggling many things at once and can’t afford to take frequent pump breaks. However, some of these devices can be tricky to use, especially if moms aren’t familiar with the technology or haven’t had a lot of experience using a pump before.

Choosing the right wearable breast pump depends on the following factors:
Frequency of Use: Assessing how often you need to pump will help you determine what level of suction is necessary for your body’s specific needs. Lifestyle: Evaluate your daily routines and commuting patterns to see if a wearable breast pump would suit your lifestyle. Budget: Compare pricing tiers and insurance coverage to find the best wearable breast pump for your unique situation.

Some of the best wearable breast pumps include a single electric motor that fits inside your bra and collection cups with tubes that fit in your shirt or pants pocket, while others are tubeless, self-contained units that you can carry around like a wallet. All of the wearables we tested have adjustable suction strength and cycle settings, letdown and expression modes to mimic a baby’s quick suckles at the beginning of a nursing session and slower, deeper suctions as the milk starts flowing, and an internal rechargeable battery for hands-free pumping mobility. wearable breast pump

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