Samosa Puff – Easy and Quick to Make

A samosa is one of the most popular Indian snacks and you must have enjoyed eating a few of them at a wedding, potluck party or any other event with your desi friends. These savory swirls are made with a handful of easily available ingredients and are super delicious. Unlike traditional samosas, these samosa puffs are baked in the oven instead of being deep-fried and they also take a lot less time to prepare.

Puff pastry sheets replace the dough that is traditionally used for making samosas and this makes these samosa puffs a lot easier and quick to make. In fact, using store-bought puff pastry eliminates the need for kneading and rolling the dough which can be very time-consuming and challenging to get right. Plus, the ready-made puff pastry gives these samosas that flaky and buttery taste you love.

While making these samosa puffs, it is important to use chilled puff pastry sheets that are well-chilled and pliable when working with them. This will prevent them from melting and breaking while rolling and folding them into samosa pinwheels. Also, it is important to use a filling that has been cooled down completely so it does not melt the puff pastry sheets while rolling it up.

These samosa puffs are filled with potatoes, boiled peas, shredded carrots, moong dal and some yummy spices to give it that extra flavor. I’ve added fennel seeds for their sweetness and aromatic magic, cumin powder to add some nutty flavors and a hint of warmth, turmeric powder for its bright yellow color and earthy/bitter flavor and paprika or red chili powder for a bit of heat. سمبوسة بف

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